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How I Designed my Business Cards and Brand Identity


Hairdressers are a girl’s best friend. We need to change our look from time to time, to reinvent our image or simply to better express our identity. The same goes for our professional brand. Therefore, I decided to restyle my Website. I redesigned my on-line presence because I wished a more dynamic and fresh site, with a blog to share my ideas and show my clients and prospects how I could help them to achieve a successful presence in Italy by translating their financial and marketing material into Italian.

My logo is still the same, just a bit refreshed. I chose a new image (Fotolia and istockphoto are a useful source of photos and illustrations). Blue recalls something professional, authoritative and trustworthy, light blue is friendly and fresh. I chose a light blue background image showing the globe. I help my clients to communicate with foreign cultures, therefore it is perfect. The keyboard – number 1 tool for my job – represents translations. The charts on the right remind me of finance and capital markets. That’s what I do: professional and specialised financial translations.

With the help of a Web designer, we chose a colour scheme that could incorporate my grey and red logo with light blue.

I strongly believe that less is more, so I opted for a simple design for my new business cards. Business cards should show your profession as well as your personality. It is not something you can delegate to others. You have to make a decision, although I recommend asking for professional advice.

I selected size and horizontal shape (I really like moo rounded corner cards). I did not know that there are so many possibilities in the choice of every single detail, and paper weight and type can make the difference. Image and logo are on the front, while my contact details are on the back on a simple white background to be more readable. Practical, with a touch of gentleness.

A few weeks ago, I visited an exhibition at a Milan Museum and an idea struck me. Why not printing bookmarks showing my brand? From the idea to reality, it was a “short” step (Pixartprinting offers also customised formats).

Why bookmarks? First, bookmarks are useful. Even though paper books are less common nowadays, the concept of bookmark is alive. Bookmarks imply connections, links, sharing ideas on the Web. They point out the last word you read, allow you to record your current position. Bookmarks are a memo and at the same time the starting point to go on reading or surfing, or to continue your professional experience. In a brand-new style.

Would you bookmark me?


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