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Financial Glossaries and Resources – Part I

I am starting a series of posts on financial glossaries and resources dedicated to  translators and all those who need to understand financial concepts and terminology, or to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the business world.

In the first post of the series, I collected useful links in English only.

In the following posts, I will add resources  in other languages and multilingual.


Investopedia –  Investopedia is a must-have for translators dealing with finance and economics. It includes a glossary of terms, as well as a collection of articles on finance and economics. Through videos and tutorials, you find almost all financial concepts explained, with numerous examples.

Financial Times Lexicon   The Financial Times is probably the number 1 financial newspaper. Apart from articles and news, the Lexicon is particularly useful. There is also the “term of the day” section, with a word explained every day.

Nasdaq Glossary – It contains more than 8,000 terms and definitions related to the stock market. It is powered by the Hypertextual Finance Glossary by Campbell R. Harvey of Duke University.

Financial Globe  – This website focuses more on financial education, though the glossary contains over 10,000 financial terms.

Moneyterms  This minimal-interface website with no graphics offers an interesting feature: a sector-specific section containing the basic terms for various industries, including insurance and oil&gas.

The Finance glossary – published by Harriman House, it contains a lot of trading terms.

BNP Paribas / Parvest financial glossary – The most common terms on asset management.

Last but not least, the ECB glossary is a comprehensive resource which clearly explains the work of the European Central Bank, while the IMF termbase of the International Monetary Fund is actually multilingual.

Feel free to send me your suggestions, I will publish them in the following posts of this series.

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Happy Financial Translations!