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Financial Glossaries and Resources – Part II


In the first post of the series Financial Glossaries and Resources, I collected glossaries and resources in English. In this second post, I would like to share resources in other languages (Italian, German, French, Spanish), as well as multilingual glossaries and advanced search tips.

Monolingual or bilingual glossaries

Italian glossary by Il Sole 24ore  – the leading financial newspaper in Italy is the most valuable source for financial translators.

Performance Trading – extremely useful glossaries from English into Italian and from Italian into English, with excellent explanations.

Expansion Economic Dictionary in Spanish – more than 1600 economic terms by Expansión. Our colleague Maria Doglioli recommended it to me.

Here you can find an Economic Spanish/English dictionary in PDF

The Oesterreichische National Bank published a glossary in German with definitions.

English/German general dictionary, containing many financial terms and expressions – I find it specifically useful to translate a term from German into English and find the Italian equivalent of financial expressions, due to the lack of good German/Italian glossaries

Trader Finance –  definition of finance and Stock Exchange terms in French by Trader Finance.

The glossary by the Bank of Canada features financial terms in English and French.

Multilingual glossaries

Dictionary of banking by UBS in four languages – English, German, French and Italian – updated in 2014.

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB), Austria provider of financial and information services to the export industry and capital markets, published a PDF multilingual glossary of economic terms in English, German, French and Spanish (without definitions).

The IMF multilingual directory includes words, phrases, and institutional titles commonly encountered in International Monetary Fund documents in areas such as money and banking, public finance, balance of payments, and economic growth.

The Swisscanto glossary with a basic design is in four languages: English, German, French and Italian.


I also invite you to check this comprehensive collection of links containing law and financial dictionaries and valuable resources.

Finally, you probably know the Termcoord collections of glossaries. You will also find a practical list of glossaries and general information on the financial crisis.

How to Search the Web

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Feel free to send me your suggestions here  – or through my Facebook page Financial Translation Hub –  I will share them in the following posts of the series!