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Top 10 Sources for Financial News

Whether you are browsing your Facebook news feed, scanning tweets or speed-reading the daily newspaper, you are bombarded with information, data, and opinions. For a financial translator, keeping up-to-date with the latest news is part of the job. You need to know what is going on in the world, how many times the Fed is going to raise interest rates this year, the volatility of the Chinese stock market or the strength of the US dollar. Did they approve any new regulations for banks or investment companies? New accounting standards? Even when you are translating an article for the web, you may need to know if a company is going public, is launching a new product on the market, or published better-than-expected results.


The sources of information on the Web abound, and you may often find it difficult to separate wheat from the chaff, or to focus your attention.

When I look for financial or market news, I usually visit these websites. I hope you can find them useful too.


You can find news, market data, mutual funds, personal finance, including global markets for stocks, commodities, forex and other asset classes, fundamental analysis and macroeconomic data.


I like it because I find it easy. News can be selected from various sections (by asset class, region, industry and general), and it has a “search” feature. There are sections on Markets, Politics, Technology, etc.


I go to Forbes when I want to read not to complex articles, easy to understand also by non-experts.

Financial Times

It is one of the world’s leading business news, recognised for its authority and accuracy. Anyway, it is not free.


RTTNews is a well-organised site that delivers the latest news from around the world covering business, economics, politics, forex, market analysis, stocks to watch, entertainment, etc.

Seeking Alpha

It is a free aggregator of news, providing stock market insights and financial analysis, as well as ETF and stock research written by finance experts.


When I look for financial news in Italian, the “terminology Bible” is Il Sole 24 ore, especially the section of Finanza e Mercati.

Another great source of financial concepts and terminology is the website of the Stock Exchange in each country, in Italy it is www.borsaitaliana.it, or for example the London Stock Exchange.

What are your favourite links?


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