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Smoke and mirrors. About business ethics and selling words.

I have been asked by one of my regular clients to work for them through an intermediary.

A big translation and technology company (with a very bad reputation among professional translators) promised to manage the project and payment workflow, winning the contract on the precondition to go on working with the client’s favourite translators.

I have been asked to provide a special rate for the “privilege” to be taken onboard and become a number in a database of thousands of translators.

I could not accept the deal.

Financial Translation Hub provides bespoke services in a niche market and – by choice – only one specialisation (investments/finance), from English into Italian.

Price is only the last factor in a list of other elements that I need to understand before starting a collaboration.

I usually charge by project. The basic price is based on the type of document, as well as on a series of questions:

  • Is it a regular client?
  • Are payments from that client always on time?
  • Can I use my information systems?
  • Are deadlines negotiable?
  • Are deadlines urgent, or not?
  • Do I have total control of the workflow? If not, is there a reputational risk?
  • Do I have control on the quality of the service provided?
  • Do I have direct access to the person who requested the service?
  • Is my name associated with the translations provided?
  • Is the relationship with client transparent and collaborative?

The reputational risk and the amount of additional work involved may be too high to even take a collaboration into consideration.

I translate and supervise the revision process personally. I do not sell words; I provide a professional service. That’s my business model, which may be different from a big translation agency, or global language service and technology provider. I am proud to believe that this is the main reason why I’ve been working with top-notch companies worldwide for more than 25 years on high profile projects for the Italian market.

I strive to build lasting relationships, through a professional and friendly approach.

If reputation counts, I am proud that my clients regularly recommend me to their colleagues and competitors. But I do not like it when my name and reputation are used as a commodity, as a bargaining chip, to sell a service provided by someone else with different standards and business ethics.